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Brahma Eggs

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I had a mystery egg yesterday. I clocked it on the roosting bars. Now none of the rest of my girls do that. This one was a similar colour to the calder ranger and bluebelle (sort of inbetween the two shades of beige) And the only chicken I dont have already laying is my Brahma. I already got eggs from the calder ranger and bluebelle yesterday. So Im pretty sire it must be the Brahamas. Which would be great as it means they are all laying now, with 3 of my purebreeds all starting laying within one week!


But the reason Im dubious of this is I though Brahma lay quite small eggs. Yet this one was as big as my hybrids eggs looked about 60g, most of my hybrids take a while to lay them that big. But She doesnt seem to be squating or in and out of the house etc.


For those of you with Brahmas what size eggs do they produce?

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