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Stewie the Rabbit

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Hi i usually post on the chicken forum but we have adopted aa rescue rabbit from Wood Green as a suprise for our 19yr old daughter, she has always wanted a rabbit . But we would like to know can we give him apples if not why? What greens are safe for him to eat and how often. the reason i am aasking is because one website says yes and another will say no.

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Awww... I love Stewie!!! :D


Apples themselves are OK (although you wouldn't want to feed much - lots of sugar), but the pips are poisonous, so that's probably where the confusion is.


Spring greens, cabbage etc are fine, although not in excess (can be gassy, cause the runs etc). I'd introduce greens very gradually, as bunnies have very delicate tummies (bloat and diarrhoea etc). Did the shelter say whether he'd been getting veggies?

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thanks pelicano i really appreciate the advice, my daughter says thanks for that also. He is just so friendly. i will carry on then with the curly kale and get the herbs you have recommended tomorrow. The vets will be good usually we go with the dog who shake the whole time because he thinks she has a love afair with a themometer and his rear end :lol::lol::lol: this is the face he pulls :shock:

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