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Merrydale Poultry in Whetstone, leicester

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Hi all,


I`ve been looking at www.merrydalepoultry.co.uk and think I might get my 3 new chooks from there.. it looks good on tinternet! Just wondered if anyone else had had birds from there and what their thoughts / experiences were?


I am set on a Sussex or a sussex hybrid, plus a speckeldy I think, and a columbine / jasmine blue egg-layer (they look really beautiful!). The sussex is a must, but I think a fourth choice if I couldnt get a speckeldy or a columbine would be a Pepperpot or an Amber Star / Sweetie. Are these breeds all OK for an eglu do you think, and are they friendly / not any noisier than other breeds?


Thanks in advance! Actually can I just say how helpful this forum is, makes this exciting chicken-acquiring mission I am on so much easier!! Cheers guys!




PD. Is "chooks" an australian term do you think????

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yes i got 3 chooks from them last year - very helpful, very informative - the lady who runs it will advise you which breeds to mix.


snowy has had chickens from her as well- also someone else - all very pleased


i'm sure she'll show you around too - she has a mass of ex bat hens round the back who free range in the field......she went to get only a few, but ended up with over a hundred

have a look at this thread



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Highly recommended Liam! A friend of mine bought some from her latest batch last weekend - gorgeous looking birds. The sussex in particular is a stunner, very big and healthy and lovely markings! And the speckledys and pieds are also lovely (in fact they all are! - now how can I persuade OH I need another 2 :think: ) I had a snowbell from her - brilliant layer, lays every day, huge pale cream eggs!

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funny that


we were out in the garden this afternoon rearranging the omlet netting and oh said to me "dont even think about it - i know what you're thinking".


(i actually was thinking of adding a couple more)


then an hour later we were out walking and one of my hubbies collegues rang offering us their super duper guinea pig hutch, run and all the accessories stating "easily converted for chickens"


doh!! i cant even sneak it in

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