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Superglug in an eglu - anyone tried it?

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My Superglug is in my eglu run. It's fine and fits just like a normal glug. If you put it too low, then they just bend their necks to drink.


No that they ever use the bloody thing, they much prefer puddles or the bird bath!





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I have a glug attached to my cube pen. I didn't have agreat deal of success with them drinking from the teats. Apparently they are meant to be drawn to the red underside of the teats but they never seemed to get the hang of it. Much preferring to drink out of our pond.

I got to the stage where I was worried that they weren't drinking enough so I ended up lowering the glug so they can drink out of the top.This isn't ideal - but they seem happier with this.

Now that omlet have changed the clip part at the back of the glug it is better. The glug will hold alot of water - particulary good for weekends away.

The downside is that it is still a bit fiddly fitting if full - some people do refill with a hose though.

Hope this sort of helps. :D

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