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so much to remember and do, what do others do

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Poultry spice - I do every time I fill the grub (im never very technical, I just sprinkle on and swirl around with finger)


Flubenvet - every 4-6 weeks for 1 week only


I dont do apple cider vinegar, mine have Aloe Vera in their water once a week.


Thats about it for my supplements, I do have a load of "chicken miscellanous" potions and lotions in the garage for emergencies/treatment.

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Hi Debbie,


ACV - tried it once and the hens wouldn't drink from the glug so haven't tried it again! I read on here something like use it for a week then have a couple of weeks without. Could be wrong though,



Garlic powder - in with mash every time

Limestone flour - in with mash every time

Poultry spice - occasionally, once every couple of weeks


Worming - I've got some Flubenvet, used it once since I've had the hens. Probably should do it again!



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I put ACV in the water when I remember to do it (maybe once a month for a couple of days) - only a capful in a glug, they don't seem to mind! (Garlic powder in their food, however, they hate!)


Poultry spice I give at the weekend as part of a "special porridge" of mash, yogurt and whatever treats I have to hand. Limestone flour I don't bother with, but then I have bantams, which lay fewer and smaller eggs, so they don't need as much calcium.


Haven't wormed mine yet this year - they don't free-range much in winter, and the girls I got in January had just been wormed. I'll do them soon, though...

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