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So what happens to the plastic cover in summer?

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A musing since we're in the corrogated plastic/shower curtain territory again - do you take it off in summer?


I've got my run covered mainly in the winter shade with a shower curtain over the convertor. When it was sunny yesterday the chooks were basking in the warmth coming through the curtain but presumably if it was the summer sun they would overheat?!


How do you keep the run dry in hot but wet weather?



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My girls arrived last April and so for the Spring/Summer they only had the Omlet shade and the run was on grass. I moved the eglu every few days. I plan to do this again this Summer.


It was only as the Autumn/Winter rain arrived I put a shower curtain over the whole run and put down Auboise on the grass of the run floor so the grass didn't turn into a mud bath.

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I used the shower curtain method last summer as it's more versatile. If it was very wet and cold I let the sides down and if it was warm and sunny I folded them up and kept them in place with bulldog clips (so that only the centre strip was covered). That way it's easy to let down again if it starts to rain and you want to keep the hemcore dry.

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