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Egg related recipes

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Good topic, Steve. Looking forward to picking up some tips myself. :)

Meanwhile, just reminded me that I used to love EggyFriedBread but haven't made it for years.

Just beat up some eggs, dip bread soldiers in to cover them until dripping with mixture and cook quickly in frying pan, on both sides. Only takes a minute, Yumm. I'm going to make some this week.

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For ultimate perfection eggy bread should be cooked by Guides in a field over a wood fire. Rain seems to help as well!


Many experiments to reproduce the ultimate eggy bread at home result in the conclusion that the heat should be as high as possible - temporarily disarm smoke alarms. Using goose fat also gives a delicious and subtle flavour :D

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Later i'll have to post my baked egg recipe too.


Well Steve, I couldn't wait. Had forgotten that dish & looked up a recipe. Doubled quantities, enough for 4 people, and OH & I ate the whole lot just now. Bliss! :D


Love the descriptions Jane! I thought it was just my cooking that set off alarm! Know what you mean about food outdoors, but just think you're great being so active with Guiding. 8)

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