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Taming new bantams

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Hi all,


I've been trying to do the "get them out the eglu at night and give them a cuddle" routine to get them more used to being handled, but my mouthy wyandotte keeps going into "intruder alert" mode, shouting her head off at me. :shock: She must be a light sleeper! :roll:


Anyone else had this?

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Glad it's not just me. Maybe it will just take time. She's already laying though so I thought she would be a bit less skittish than the others :? . I'll just have to spend lots of time in the run with them once this horrid weather improves.


Is that why you rarely close your Eglu doors?

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My Wyandotte is usually the last to go to bed at night - she can't bear to miss out on any goings-on :roll:


She's always been the one to squawk at the first sign of anything unusual, she never ever crouches despite laying pretty much every other day all year round (when she's not broody/moulting), and hates being touched - all part of the "charm" of the breed! :lol: (But we love her anyway - she's such a character!)


The older of my new pekin girls on the other hand crouches as enthusiastically as my hybrid used to, and both of them are already pretty OK with being handled. Just a different breed with a totally different temperament...

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She's excellent as a guard dog - although we already have a dog! She seems to be quite an egg-laying machine so far - an egg every day, but I've only had her since thursday! Pretty to look at but a right little bossy boots, if I was a chook I wouldn't mess with her - she's downright scarey!


Congrats on the egg Eyren, I nearly bought your black pekin til I saw the partridge. Mine's not laying but I'm hopeful she'll do it soon. Are they beige eggs?

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