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one of my chooks keeps escaping and visiting the neighbours.


she's a merrydale sweetie and her wing is clipped. i dont know whether she is wandering off to find the cockrel who keeps cockle doodle dooing up the road (she is going in that direction).


escape route is getting her head under the omlet netting and pushing her body until she is out - she is very determined. (omlet netting can't get any tighter) and i have actually seen her go through the netting by force. (She's not a small bird either)



any idea's in curtailing her?

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Have a really careful check for holes in the netting - they're pretty tricky to spot but I bet there is one! When I see one of mine repeatedly pushing her head thro the netting I now know it's cus she knows there is a hole there somewhere, it only takes one broken link and she can fit thro. Once located I just tie em off, but it does take a while before the hen realises she can't fit any more! :roll:

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