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Has anyone ever?

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Stayed round or visited Chelmarsh Shropshire? It's close to Bridgnorth & we are taking the caravan to Denn Farm at Easter. It looks lovely! We wanted to camp near to Wernlas, but the site at Craven Arms is full.

The plan is to come home at Easter with 2 new chooks!!! :wink:

Denn Farm even has a wigwam teepee thing you can spend a holiday in..I think it's £60 a night for up to 4 people & it looks brilliant! Will have to try that sometime as well as booking on one of those feaherdown farm holidays!!!! Ooo so many things to do!


Just wondered if anyone had ever been to Chelmarsh area?


Things on our list to visit are Ludlow, Wernlas Collection & some good walking!



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We are booked in at denn farm :D

We are always away as we work for ourselves - we have gadgets, that enable us to be able to go on the internet no matter where we are, so we can keep the business running. When we are away, we can email our relatives, to pop into the business & send out anything, we don't have on us, although we take a good lot of stuff away with us, when we go in this country. We just think, we didn't spend a lot on a caravan for it to sit on the driveway - so we use it & have lots of holidays. When we do extra well in the business we go on holiday abroad as well more often.

We save for our now 6 year plan - when we will move, but we also enjoy each day as it comes! We don't have children & won't be having any, So that's an instant saving to do what we want with.

A lot of people we know are always thinking God, look at those...new cars, new caravan, posh holidays, own business blah blah. But all that is within everyones reach if they are prepared to put in the hard work at the beginning!

Fairy& cake will understand where we are coming from as she too will soon be reaping in the rewards of having her own business & being her own boss!


Live for the moment is our motto - you may not see tomorrow. [/u]So we do!



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Thanks for my little mention there.


I am currently writing a list of products that will be sending to HRM The Queen.


Just as a sweet 'Hello' from myself and the company.


I do hope i will be reeping the benefits Crafty........


I WANT a Campervan, not a new one, a 60s one with Cath Kidston fabic inside.


This is how my list of expediture goes once im making proper dosh:


Extention on the house. £20k

Campervan £6k


Then move to my dream house..... that i mentioned on a earlier link.


I dont know if this will all happen, but im working like a mad woman to try and make a go of it.


[i cant say toooo much otherwise the mods might smack my bum]


But, hey ho, when im a milionaire, ill buy all you gals Roombas.


Although right now id be happy with £1,000 in my bank.

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