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dogs and chickens

Cat or fox - problem or not?

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I have noticed the last couple of mornings that there are muddy footprints from some animal on the top of the cube! I think they must be a cat, but I have no idea what a fox footprints are like, are they very different to a cats?


Anyway the chickens were clearly not very happy this morning, making loads of noise as if frightened and it was the same yesterday!!!! :?


Is there anything I can do to deter the cat or whatever it is? Has anyone else had this problem?


We do not have cats ourselves, but I did see a great big black cat laying on a log by their run the other day, although she ran off when I went near. It could have been her. I hope it was not a fox :roll: .


Will cats kill chcikens? :oops: This may be a silly question but I have never kept cats!


Thanks in advance :D



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Don't worry - a full-sized chicken can more than hold its own against the average moggy! Our old cat is even scared of the bantams! :lol:


The chickens may be alarmed at first - mine still squawk whenever they see a squirrel on the fence! - but once they realise the cat is no threat, they should settle down.


Re fox paw prints, they are more like a dog's print, but narrower:




Also, I think it relatively unlikely that the only evidence of a fox would be paw-prints on the run - there would almost certainly be attempts at digging...

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Thanks Anne,


After seeing your paw prints, I think it probably is a cat! Which I am pleased about, as I would not want a fox problem.


However I would still like to discourage the cat from getting on top of the cube, as I am sure that has been why the last two morning my girls have been uneasy!


I have read somewhere that cats don't like mustard is that true? I could sprinkle some mustard powder onto the top of the cube if it is true? Or is that a bit daft? :oops:


I'm glad that a cat could not caurse my girls any problems though as I would find that very upsetting :D .

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Have a look at my avatar, a set of fox prints pops up every so often.


There may be fox "scats" or faeces. about. They are black, evil smelling with an intriguing twist at one end. They often have obvious seeds and bits of fur and bone in them.


If it is a cat a product called **Silent Roar** has rave reviews.


It is essentially granulated lion dung and the idea is that the cat will think that there is a bigger predator of the same species as itself around, and hop it.


It is also supposed to work well against foxes....anecdotal evidence only. The manufacturers make no such claims.

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One of my work colleagues has tried lion dung to stop the local cats using a gravelly area in her garden as a litter tray. She says it does work for a while but then the effect seems to wear off, and it's not that cheap. Still, it may put the cat off approaching your hens until it's had a chance to learn that they are not worth the bother.


Mine used to creep up on the chickens in the garden then change their minds when they got close enough for one of the girls to fix them with the "Jurassic Park" stare :)

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