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Growing beak

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My chook, as lovely as she is, has a fetish for feathers. We keep her permanently with a bumper bit on. Because of this her beak grows. When the bumper bit falls off I tend to file her beak down (a long process). Would it be better to clip her beak back and, if so, how easy is this? Or should I just get a bigger bit? But that still won't stop the beak from growing.



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Beak-clipping needs to be done by an expert, as there are blood vessels in there. It's not very popular nowadays, so you might have trouble finding someone who'll do it for you. Egluntine's suggestion is probably the best thing to try first.

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Someone once suggested alternating anti pecking rings with bumpa bits for that very reason as I recall.


This is what I do - when Pradas beak grows so the BB is useless I take it off and replace it with a peck ring - this stays on for two or three weeks until shes managed to bite down the side edges so her beak can "meet". but by then shes also worn her beak down to allow a BB to work again.

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