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Slabs under Eglu

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The chicken's Eglu and run was on the grass, but now this is mud which is covered with hemcore. Because of a problem with the mud and to deter rodents I have decided to put slabs under their eglu. They are rarely confined in there, only if we have to go out but what will they do in there with only concrete to dig down to?

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They are very similar...Aubiose is made in France and is finer textured.


Hemcore is made in the UK, but is co"Ooops, word censored!"r and not as gentle on the hands.


I make it about 3 ins deep.


You will need to put a cover over the un if you use either though, as they will absorb rainwater.

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Thanks for that. What a marvellous forum this is ! I have a shower curtain over the eglu at the moment which works well but I thought I might try a clear corrugated cover.

I am also going to try a trellis fence round the whole area backed by chicken wire as we are attacked by rabbits and rats.

We are very careful and take in all our food at night, however our neighbour is happy to throw chunks of bread all over his lawn, especially at night when he comes in from his late shift and the rats enjoy it there. They then pop back to us to sleep under the eglu! So hopefully my slabs will put a stop to that !

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