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Hey all


Wanted to say that we received our new Cube last week to replace an Eglu (that we've had for about 2 years) and what a wonderful bit of kit it is.


Took about an hour to put up and the girls love it, then even went up the ramp and roosted in the box the first night without any help.


We're now going to wait for one of the hens to go broody, get some hatching eggs (4 or 5) and hatch some chicks using the old Eglu. I'm not worried if we get any cockerel as we'll keep one and a friend with a small holding will take any extra.


The only thing the hens do seem to struggle with is the new glug (with nipples they have to peck at to get water) - I figured after a day or two that the water wasn't going down (only saw one hen actually drink from it). So put the old glug back in and they all went for a good drink.


No problem really - I'm just going to order a new glug for the old eglu.


Anyway the Cube is a great product, well designed (as usual) and a great addition to the range.

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did you get a green cube to match your eglu or have you gone for a different colour? It will be about a year before I can order a cube but loving my new eglu - I don't like the look of the drinkers with the cube so I would do the same and use a glug as my girls love it and they can all get their heads in at once :D

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