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Didn't cover the run and now it's raining

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Hi there,


We made a cover for our run that you can roll back when not needed and unfortunately I didn't get out in time to roll it over so the run is now all wet.


Will the aubiose dry out or will I have to rake out the wet stuff, let the ground dry out and then put new stuff in? I'm so annoyed I didn't get out there!

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Wouldn't worry too much sure it will dry out. If it's really really boggy then I would s"Ooops, word censored!"e out with a spade or rake and add new. We got a winter cover on our run, but damp still gets in. They scratch about in it and turn it over themselves anyway.

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A brisk breeze and a bit of sun and it will soon dry out.


If you dont have any of the above and you notice its really soggy you might need to s"Ooops, word censored!"e off the top layer and replace but cluckbok is right the chooks will naturally air it anyway with their scratching. :)

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