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Vets and wormer

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I phoned my vets today to see if I could order a wormer for my girls with out the need for the vets to actually see them. They said it would be OK but they needed me to weigh the girls first. Now I know with cats and dogs that they need to be weighed so that the correct dose can be administered, but do I really need to do it with my girls? What a pain that's going to be, when I know of a shop about 25 mins drive away that sells Flubenvet over the counter or I could simple order it online.


Has anyone else had this from there vets?

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I haven't bothered with the vets for straightforward stuff like worming powder - I just ordered Flubenvet online (from PetMeds). There's a notice on the product page to say that they can only sell it to people who are not selling eggs for public consumption, but there are no other checks made and you don't need a prescription. Probably a lot cheaper than going to the vets and paying all their additional fees!


There's some really useful dosing information on this site - just check the sticky topics in "Chicken Clinic" :)

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I ordered Flubenvent Intermediate online from www.petmeds.co.uk


It came within days - no prescription needed - just straightforward ordering online. Didn't need to weigh chickens - just followed instructions on the tub and got some help from this forum.


It is cheaper from www.wormers.co.uk but I found out about them after I'd ordered from petmeds.

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