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dogs and chickens

My new chickens are coming early! Yippee

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I just had to let you all know, that some of my new chickens are coming early! Yippee!!!!


I have got 4 brown leghorns arriving tomorrow!!!! :dance:


They are 25 weeks old and already laying. They were going to be the local breeders breeding stock, but as they are laying slightly the wrong colour eggs, he does not want to use them. They were going to be fattened for the table, but I don't care if the eggs are more cream then white, so I saved them from the table :D !!! Are you all pleased with me????


I have now cancelled my order for the silver campines. But now have 3 cream legbars instead of the 2 I originally ordered - for the blue eggs!! They will still be coming in August/Sept!


I am so eggcited that the new girls will be coming early - goody need to think of more names!!!!



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Oh well done you for rescuing four hens from the roasting. I can understand your excitment about getting them tomorrow.......because.....tomorrow we also collect our 3 ex bats hens. I have been excited and nervous all week. The cube has been up a month now. But today, got everything ready...aubiose on the run floor and in he nest box. Looked in our metal bin and plastic bin to revise all that I had bought...food, cleaning equipment, red mite powder etc. Read all the labels. I do'nt know how I will sleep tonight. !!!

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Well done you! Brown leghorns are nice-looking hens - I hadn't seen one until Debbie posted a photo of hers only the other day.


Since they are already laying and Leghorns can be a bit bossy, be careful how you introduce them. Can you divide the cube run so that they can see one another but not squabble straight away? If not, you might be advised to let your current girls free-range whilst the newbies explore the cube run.


They'll probably be OK at bedtime, as they become more docile when sleepy, but just bunging strange hens together in a run can lead to big trouble!

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Will make sure I do pics, either tomorrow or Tuesday (I work Mondays and with baby boy just don't get time for anything else that day!).


I am collecting them in a little while, so excited!!!! They will be in my large dog cage when they get here, so I thought I would leave them in there in the free range bit for a while before letting them out straight into the cube run. My hens are very laid back as I had no problems last week with introductions of the last new two (had I have know these girls were coming this week, I would have added them all together). It would be great if I on't have too many problems this time, but I guess as said above, they are older girls :? .


Right I need to go and pop some straw in the cage.


Will let you know later how it all goes.


Bye for now



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As it has worked out I have been able to get all my new girls! So I don't have to wait till August for any of them now! :dance:


I now have 8 new additions:


4 Brown Leghorns

2 Cream Legbars


2 Lavender Araucana


I have seperated all the chickens for now as they were fighting yesterday, I was really shocked by how nasty chickens can be!


They are in a seperate run now, next door to the others, so they can see each other but not touch :D


The new girls are older than the others by a few weeks, but it's the younger ones who are the nasty ones!


I really hope this will pass it's very upsetting!


I have given them all some corn to make them happy :D


I will post pics on Tuesday as I don't want to photo in the rain :oops: !



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