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intro silkie to the girls. . .

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I have had a little silkie chicken (edith) for a few months now, and since I got her right before it turned cold and she was so little, she has lived in a large rabbit cage in the house during the winter.

Now that it's warming up, I put her out in a large exercise dog pen so the girls can come see her. When I'm outside, I'll let her do her thing outside of the cage, and the other two usually stay away. But when they do come close the start beating up on her.

I guess I'm worried because she is much smaller than Rosemary & Clarrise. Is the beating just going to happen if they are ever going to live together? Is there no way to avoid it?

I also wonder if I allowed Edith to be too people-oriented too long before trying to introduce her to the chickens.

Any advice? Maybe I just need to allow the peaking to a certain point, I always stop it immediately. . .so they never get past that.

Sorry this was so long!!

I think it's absurd that the girls get along with people, dogs, cats. . .but put a little chicken out there and they have a fit!

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The "beating up" thing is part of the normal pecking order process. Just keep an eye on them and break it up if it gets too vicious (i.e. if it looks like your silkie might get seriously hurt rather than simply pecked a bit) - that's what the cockerel would do if you had one :)

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