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Poultry pin-ups

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Has anyone seen the Poultry pin-ups in Country Living magazine? They are gorgeous, and I have fallen in love with the Blue Frizzle. Does any one know where I can get one? I have looked in the breeders directory in Practical Poultry, but can't find one anywhere. Thanks.

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Haven't seen the photos - sounds like a cool idea!


Frizzles aren't a separate breed of chicken, but a feather variant found in several standard breeds: you can get frizzle pekins, cochins and so on. I would start by looking for breeders of cochins (if you want large fowl) or pekins (bantams) and then ask if they have any frizzles.


Good luck!

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Yes lovely isn't it. The children snatched it and ran away with it to peruse, I had to wait until they had gone to bed to see it! :x


I also read about making cakes for a living . . . . mm . . .perhaps I could give up teaching and bake for a living. Mind you no one would pay over £1 for a cup cake here up north!

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