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Martin B

Showercap gardening

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As most of you know I've not long returned from Holiday. Just like everyone else does I put the provided toiletries in my Showerbag and brought them home. Amongst these toiletries were 2 showercaps which instantly sprung an idea in my mind. I stabbed small holes into the bottom (please don't edit that). I then padded the whole lot out with kitchen roll and put cress seeds over the top. Are there any other small herbs etc. I could grown in a showercap? The showercapo is approximately 20cm wide (<<<>>>) and 10 cm deep.

Kind Regards


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Martin - it could only be you......... :lol:


A brilliant idea! You could try some of the 'sprouting seeds' which you can get at the wholefood shop. We grow alfalfa and broccoli seeds - usually in a jar, rinsing with water twice a day but I'm sure you could try them in your shower caps! :D

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