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Mystery egg !SOLVED !

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Well after yesterdays' excitement of Lotties' first egg, we were prepared to spend the weekend anticipating Hattie and Margo laying theirs ( both red combs and crouching )

I let the chooks out at 6am this morning and went out at 8.30 to say good morning properly ( as you do :) )at youngest sons insistence I checked the nest box and we have another perfect little first egg ! but we're not sure whose :? Pepper was in the coop and the egg was slightly warm, I know pepper came out with the others at 6am, so she went back in later - to lay an egg ? her comb is still pinkish and she isn't crouching, but for the moment we are assuming the egg is hers.

I've put the boys on chicken watch - if we see Hattie and Margo go into the nest box today we can be sure the egg belongs to Pepper, as someone else said, I wish the chooks would stamp their names on their eggs ! :lol:

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It could be Lottie's second egg. :lol:


Nope, at least I know Lottie didn't lay it - she laid her first about 2pm yesterday and it is covered in lovely dark brown speckles, this one was laid today before 8.30am and is cream/pale brown, similar colour to Elsies.

Just to add to the confusion, Bluebelle has decided to wander in and out of the coop all morning, I'm just going to have to take up residence in my chicken watching chair again until I've solved the mystery :lol:

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Mystery solved ! ( we think! )


Well, I let the chooks out 6am this morning, they all came out except Lottie (assumed she was busy in the nest box, but it was raining so didn't check )

Youngest son went to say good morning to them at 7.30 and said Hattie was in the nest box and Pepper and Margo were queueing :shock: We assumed our chicken watching positions at the kitchen window and ran out to check the nest box every time Hattie emerged ( which she did 3 times ! )the first time, we were very surprised to find a lovely dark brown egg! :? but it was stone cold and I realised it must be Lotties' 2nd that she'd laid earlier. An hour and half later ( yes , an hour and half of doing nothing but watching :lol: )Hattie emerged for the third time, and we went out to find an egg almost identical to yesterdays mystery egg. So, unless Pepper goes into the nest box and lays another identical one, I think we can say the egg was HATTIES ! :lol:

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