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I'm waving hello from......

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McDonalds - rather good free wifi and a play place. Came because the weather turned manky and James turned cranky but of course now the sun is shining again but I@m stuck here - I'll give James 10 mins in the play place and then it'll be home again. I do like it here though, there is a McCafe so you can have proper coffee from a proper machine, syrup and everything. Of course all I'm allowed is a black americano - but the refill is free!!! Oh and the McCafe does slices of proper cakes too.


And by the magic of built in webcam....




Mum will be so pleased we've given her laptop an outing.

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McDonalds are DESPERATE to get customers - SuperSize Me did them a lot of harm. Even Mum quite likes it there - when we were eating she used to have one of their sandwich thingys which was quite nice. The play bit is fantastic for a rainy day and of course FREE - except its imposible not to buy a chlild a happy meal. James is pretty good though as he always has fish fingers - not something he gets at home but fish isn't too bad.

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