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Topic on Practical Poultry ..

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:shock::? Not too sure what the prob is over there, but just read the thread in Poultry Clinic .. titled VMD warning.


Someone has suggested using say "x medicine" for "x Condition" and the VMD have contacted practical poultry warning them this is illegal. :wink: .


Apparently you can only say what you have doone for a bird, not what a friend should do with theirs .. unless you are a certified vet. Even then you have to be careful recommending un-licensed products for poultry :wink:


The forum members over there are getting pretty heated about this, as they feel someone has "dobbed" them in, and that is why the forum was "cooled" off for a while.


Go and have a look .... you'll see what I mean. Also, they are still exhibiting there usual friendly way ..... NOT.

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I suppose the VMD may have wandered on and seen that or a vet may have taken umbrage and told. You can't diagnose or prescribe unless you are a vet registered with the RVC. They will be nipping it in the bud before it gets out of control :wink:


Unlike us p.p doesn't exclude who knows maybe they have people who specifically monitor things like that. I use athletes foot cream to treat ringworm in cats but I would never suggest it coz its illegal but I can treat my own animal if I want. :roll:

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I hopped over to have a look and one or two of them are being a bit nasty again!! I have had unlicenced products given to various animals and provided its prescribed by a vet and they tell you its not licenced its no problem. I have even asked them for unlicenced stuff. For your dogs and cats most stuff is licenced but over the years I have had ferrets and reptiles and there is nothing licenced for them why they are stressing I don't know someone has obviously just gone too far with suggesting home remedies. Fortunately things that could do harm are POM and not the sort of thing you can pick up in a feed merchant :lol:


I think I am going to stay away from there they are not very nice sometimes I will stick to our cozy forum :lol:

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