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First egg! - 34g How long to boil it for?

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We've finally got our first egg!!! It's tiny and only weighs 34g (1.5 oz). It's so small that it falls through the egg skelter :D


I think Bumble is the clever girl who laid it as she's been crouching for about a fortnight but it was in the nest box at 6am so I can't be sure


Can anyone out there with bantams give me an idea on how long to boil it for to get a dippy egg for my son?

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I only have old fashioned scales, so can't weigh my eggs. Both hattie and Lottie have been laying a week and are still producing little eggs - the smallest did fall through the egg skelter, so may be the same size as yours :) I boiled it for 3 mins exactly ( I do have a digital timer ! :lol: ) and it was a perfect soft boiled.

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