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I'm new to all this and I've noticed that on the forum lots of people seem to have incorporated hen and eglu icons into their signature at the end of messages. I can add the icons during a message GNR (there's proof, but even my computer geek of a husband can't manage to get them to come up at the end of my message. Can anyone help?






GNR Betsy

PP Elsie

(green eglu)

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V. good teenager!


It's a large ceramic cow which was part of a large street exhibition in Chicago (I think). I didn't see the exhibition but hubby kindly bought me a miniature and then found this photo.


Betsy and Elsie are doing well. Not laying yet but very cute and funny. They are mad for sultanas and same teenager has taught them to jump to get them!


How are your girls doing?



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Hi Manda,


I think the problem came with confusion over what the little chicken pictures are called. The sticky calls them "emoticons" and James did a really good tutorial for me on how to apply them to signatures. I'm guessing that you were looking for "icons" and that's why you couldn't find how to do it. Sorry about that, I should have made that clear in my reply but glad to see you managed to put your hens in your signature after all - aren't teenagers wonderful!


Love the avatar!

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