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worms: to disturb or not?

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I know its supposed to be a good thing to mix compost bins in general, but we have 2 bins, a current one and an older one. The older one has had nothing added for 5 months or so, and now contains a dark brown soggy mass of stuff. When I mix it, it is full of worms. And I seem to remember that you're not supposed to mix worm bins. So should I mix this wormy-compost bin or not?

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If your bin is full of worms and you didn't put them in, that's a sign of a good bin.


It does sound as if it's ready to use but I know that good compost is supposed to be brown & crumbly not soggy, so could it just need the top off to dry it out?


If you use it, try & keep the worms or transfer them to the newer one. They will always go to the bottom of a pile if exposed to the light so you could perhaps "harvest" them that way.


BTW, never hurts to turn compost, worms or not, they will find their way to where they want to be.

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