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Thought I would post this as a new topic, as I am sure we could fill it up, with recomendations of related sites. 8) .


I was trying to find info on Aubergine plants and found this site www.recipes4us.co.uk which not only gives simple steps for growing most veg, but also has loads of other bits and bobs including recipes.


Hope you like it ......

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:roll: As Kate put in her V.E day topic .. rain,sun,rain,sun .. with a cold wind :roll: , so best to get out while we can. Have just been to get another aubergine plant as someone asked if they were self-pollinating, and as I was not too sure ... I bundled Joe into the car and we popped out and got an extra. :wink:
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We also had some hail - 30 seconds of it! I thought the heavens were really going to open as it was so dark and called Carl on the walkie-talkie to ask him to help move the weeds (he was working on someones accounts) - he came out straight away and it had already stopped :oops: Then we just had sun, cold wind, sun ..... all afternoon.

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