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Musty curtains

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I swear by Febreze to get rid of smells. I don't know about the environmental aspects, but dry-cleaners don't use environmentally friendly products either! However, if they have been in a smokey environment then it may not be the whole answer.


My mum smoked, and EVERYTHING we took out of the house after she died was coated in a thin layer of brown ... pictures, furniture - you just don't realise how much effect it has, and she wasn't a heavy smoker either!


so steaming or hoovering with bicarb could help - you might find the colours come up even brighter! worth trying a bit of a 'patch test' on a bit you think won't show. Sorry I have no experience of dealing with old fabrics - have you tried the National Trust website, they must have lots of experience n this sort of thing?

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