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Day 3 in the Big Chicken Eglu....

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It's early yet, and all the Househens are still roosting, mostly unaware of the chaos involved in planning this weeks shopping list. Yesterday the 'Chickenhood' were given the task of writing this weeks shopping list, and Shehbaz, Pete and Lisa threw themselves into the task. The White Star carefully tried to list the essential pellets and mash, but unknown to him, Scots Dumpy, Shehbaz, rubbed out the essentials and filled the list wth luxuries - sweetcorn, tomatoes, mealworms and some shellstim for the girls.....


With increasingly flambouyant behaviour, Shehbaz was forced to apologise to the ret of the househens later in the evening, after disturbing several dustbaths, and a foraging session in the Big Chicken garden...

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An interesting day in the Big Chicken Eglu, with power struggles with both the girls and boys.


While the girls continued to fight over the pecking order, and who should get the nest box first, the battle for top cockerel began to heat up, with both Sezer, Gold Legbar, and the Maran, Mikey vying for the attention of the pretty Fresian, Imogen.


In the first of (no doubt) many twisted attempts to divide the eglu, Big Chicken threw a party for the Chickenhood, to welcome new Hood members Grace and Richard. Despite the fact that Big Chicken treated the Chickenhood to fresh slugs and spinach, the rest of the housemates watched happily as the Chickenhood gorged themselves till they could only sit in the eglu and roost.

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