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Thought I'd try and be the first to put a message on the new rabbit forum. :lol: A chance to introduce others to the wonderful world of Jasper my dutch rabbit. We've had him for 5 years now and he's the happiest and funniest bunny ever. He comes when we call him, he dances around our feet to get our attention. We have a veggie plot in our garden and he has free run of that all day(unless it's raining cats and dogs then he stays in). We did try to make a house rabbit out of him but he doesn't like our laminate flooring- Skiddy rabbit :!: Having noticed the new Rablu for sale I'm tempted but still have a few queries about it that I need to have answered before I'm totally convinced.

Jasper gets on so well with my chooks. He lets them eat the blackcurrant bush but refuses to share any of the veggies with them. We've had to buy the netting to keep the chickens out of the veggie patch. Jasper still goes in and out by slipping under the net. Reminds me of Peter Rabbit in Mr.Magregors garden :!: Has anyone out there bought a Rablu yet :?: I'd love to know how they are getting on. How about a rabbit emoticon.

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