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Choccy does Victoria sponge/crumble/scones

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These are my generic cake/crumble/scone recipes like my Mum/Gran made when I was little, adapted from a cookery book


Victoria Sponge Cake:

6oz SR flour

6oz caster sugar

6oz margarine

3 lovely eggs from chickens


"cream" margarine and sugar together

add eggs, and mix in some flour so it doesn't curdle

or do it the lazy CC way (the scale turns off otherwise) and mix all the flour in (should be seived, but I don't generally)

Should be quite thick and "dropping" consistancy, larger Trinny eggs make it too liquid :oops:

Can just food process as well and gets a better consistancy more easily

Divide into two 7" generic Victoria sponge cake tins (greased) and smooth top with a knife

Lick bowl :):roll:

Bake about 25 minutes 180oC (or vary according to oven) until sponge springs back when you touch it, rather than sinking

Put jam, butter-icing (icing sugar and margarine), or both in the middle

For chocolate cake put 1-2oz cocoa in with the flour and either cornflour white sauce with some sugar for sweetness (less sickly), or butte-ricing with a little cocoa; when mixing it looks completely unchocolately/gooey/wrong until at the end when it suddenly finds the butter.

Coffee cake has 1-2 tablespoons black coffee added, and a little added to the butter-icing

I follow the proportions/directions on the icing sugar/cornflour packets.


Rhubarb crumble:

3oz butter/margarine

6oz plain flour

caster sugar/soft brown sugar/demerera

cover bottom of baking dish with chopped rhubarb

sprinkle with caster sugar (recipe has 3oz I use maybe 1oz)

"rub in" 3oz butter/margarine (better if hard from fridge) or food process

throw in a small amount of caster sugar (recipe says 3oz, I use maybe 1.5oz)

Cover rhubarb with crumble, bake for up to 40 minutes 180oC until the crumble starts to go brown/golden and crunchy, the rhubarb has liquidised, or you really crave rhubarb crumble and give in :oops:


Fruit Scones:

8oz SR flour (or plain flour 3tsp baking powder as book says :roll: )

pinch of salt

2oz butter or margarine

1oz caster sugar

up to 1/4 pint milk

Rub fat into flour, or use food processor, mix in sugar (like crumble)

mix in sultanas/currents/mixed dried fruit to taste, 2oz in book seems stingey (don't food process at this point :shock::oops: )

Slowly add milk to make dough, don't overdo or they will go sticky and you will need more flour.

Roll out into dough, and use cutters to make 8 scones or whatever it goes into (book says 6cm/2.5in cutter 1cm/0.5in thick)

cook on greased baking tray for 10-12 mins 180oC


Enjoy :D

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