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Is an eglu really the right choice

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i am interested in buying an eglu and i was on this forum and read a post where someone was very disappointed with their eglu that they had purchased and now i am having 2nd thoughts is it really worth it :?::o

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I think so :D


I have two mini lops who seem very happy living in an eglu. Every visitor that comes comments how happy and friendly they are.


They have the freedom to be running in and out of the house day and night and I know they are safe.


The port hole allows you to be stroking and making a fuss of them without having to pick them up all the time.


The best bit is the cleaning. None of your horrid unhygienic smelly wood. Take the lid off, take the tray out and a quick hose down and all is done. It really is effortless.


I am really pleased with mine and I think my Rabbits are too :D

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thank you for your reply i was just wondering have you had any problems with your rabbits trying to escape by digging under, also where do you keep the eglu on the grass or patio. I also read this quite a few times :


Another thing is how they made out that you can "do it by your self", i need to get my brother to help me put the roof of the Eglu back on and secure it. Moving it with one hand is also a struggle, I think for men yes but for a woman no.

has this been a problem with you


by the way thank you for your help :D

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Not all rabbits dig, but if yours do omlet do a wire mesh that fits on the floor of the run to stop them being able to dig out. Mine are not showing any signs as yet.


My 2 have just gone from the patio to the grass. They were too young to go straight onto grass. Now they are on it they love it :) I did put them on grass for 1 day when I first got them only to have one very poorly rabbit for a week after.


I have no problems at all with taking the lid off and on. My 9 year old can do it as well.


With regards to moving the whole thing, you can just pick the run up at the end and drag it or pivot it around, its not hard to do at all.

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yes but im worried that when i get my new rabbit it will dig under and escape and yes getting a wire mesh to put underneath would be ok but wouldnt the rabbit find it uncomfortable.

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thank you for your reply


also another thing someone complained about cleaning the run area on the grass and finding it impossible to get it clean even using a rake,broom,blow vac,your hands you got any tips for this?


thank you :)

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