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A competition to win a organic meat box :)

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this looks like a great service - might give it a try..

Kaz - if you get a monthly box, do you freeze most of the meat? We only have a fridge / feezer so won't be able to fit that much in... although about to move house and hoping to create some space somewhere for a chest freezer...

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Yeah i freeze most of the meat. what i actually do is portion the meat out into single portions. then just defrost what i need. so the bacon is normally a pack of 8 slices, so i split that into 4 bags. same with the sausages. and the chops.


also by putting into sandwhich bags it saves on space in the freezer. That way it lasts me the whole month.


I am loving eating organically. I have tried a number of meat comanies, and have been very disapointed in the past (I was ordering from sheepsdrove, but Simon refused to eat any of the bacon, and the beef was tasteless).


Much happier with this new place. i think its the apple smoked bacon. *drool*


I am trying to find an organic fishmonger that delivers.. anyone know of one?

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Do you not have a local fishmonger or market in your area?


I work in a very urban area and we have a really good indoor fish and meat market and a farmers market once a month.


It also cuts down on road miles and all these dreadful lorries cluttering up the motorways.

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That's a heck of a long day, Kaz


You must have very understanding delivery men if they fit in with those hours :shock: I struggle to have things delivered after 4pm let alone 8pm

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