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Any Radish experts out there???

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I grew some French Breakfast radishes this year & have had a problem,which I have never encountered before.

The radish only grew to acorn size,then the tops blew......long stalks with flowery bit on.


As I said,I have never had this happen before :roll:

Any ideas what caused it & how I can prevent it happening to my next crop?

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I grow loads of radishes every year as i LOVE them, though I've not tried that variety.


It could well be that they have become too dry as radish will bolt and run to seed very easily. I've just had to pull out half a row of 'em and re-sow as I haven't been watering enough and they all bolted and the radishes turned very woody and tough.


Don't be disheartend :( , radish crop very quickly so pop some seeds in now and you'll soon be enjoying a bumper crop :D - Just keep up with the watering :wink:



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a great (true!) and very moving radish story to keep your spirits up!!




Radish in intensive care after murder attempt

Thu Nov 17, 2005 11:28 AM ET


TOKYO (Reuters) - A giant white radish that won the hearts of a Japanese town by valiantly growing through the urban asphalt was in intensive care at a town hall in western Japan on Thursday after being slashed by an unknown assailant.


The "daikon" radish, shaped like a giant carrot, first made the news months ago when it was noticed poking up through asphalt along a roadside in the town of Aioi, population 33,289.


This week local residents, who had nicknamed the vegetable "Gutsy Radish," were shocked -- and in some cases moved to tears -- when they found it had been decapitated.


TV talk shows seized on the attempted murder of the popular vegetable and a day later, the top half of the radish was found near the site where it had been growing.


A town official said Thursday the top of the severed radish had been placed in water to try to keep it alive and possibly get it to flower.


Asked why the radish -- more often found on Japanese dinner tables as a garnish, pickle or in "oden" stew -- had so many fans, town spokesman Jiro Matsuo said: "People discouraged by tough times were cheered by its tenacity and strong will to live."

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