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technologically challenged?

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I have a problem. I'm trying to copy some of our cds so that we can have a second copy in the car, but I can't get it to work! I can copy them onto the hard drive OK, but then can't transfer them onto the blank cds.


The cds I've got are say 'cd-rw, 700mb, 80 min, x10' and they're by sony. Do I have the wrong CDs? Or is there some sort of protection on the CDs that prevents this? Or is my computer / drive broken? I also tried to make a copy of the Urban Chickens film on a DVD for my sister, and that didn't work either!

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It converts all the tracks. Then it give me an error message and says 'cannot copy files to recordable disc'. It suggests I:


1 clean the disc & check its not damaged (done)


2 select a slower recording speed (I think I've done this)


3 try a different brand of cd-r or cd-rw disc (but I've just bought 10 sony ones & they dont work, and neither did the jvc dvd+r (should it have been '-' ?) - neither of them were cheap makes)


4 quit other programmes (done)


Can you copy CDs rachel? do they do something to stop people pirating?

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I've copied music to and from CD (not DVD) and it's worked fine, but never had problems so not much help.

RW means you can write to the CD multiple times, wipe it and start again

R means you can only record once to it

My Memorex CDs seem to be 1X-4X (not sure about that bit) and also 700mb which is the amount of space on the disc.


I think the recording speed may be down to how good your computer is i.e. a better machine can burn discs faster.


Does the disc have any files on it already? If it's not empty it may not work


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