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Radio 2 is good for your hens

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Hubby gets the Metro (a free paper readily available in London on weekdays) today, and brought it home for me, simply because of one little article on p4. I quote

"A chicken farmer who plays Radio 2 to his flock for 15 hours a day has seen his egg production soar. Bill Rhodes said his 5,500 free-range birds have been laying more than 5000 eggs a day for more than 30 weeks- a total he describes as staggering. The 54 year old said he was baffled by the laying frenzy, but suggested that the soothing sounds of Radio 2 might hold the key.'The flock certainly wants some background noise in the shed to help keep them relaxed' said the farmer, of Wakes Colne, near Colchester.

I often leave Radio 4 or TalkSport on during the day for my girls, more to convince any lurking foxes that there are people talking in my garden and possibly deter them from paying a visit. Daughter blasts them with KissFM :roll: . Maybe we've both got it wrong and it's time to try them with a bit of Wogan & Co :wink::D

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Well I never. I'm fond of 'steve wright in the afternoon' but haven't tried it on the hens.


I'm sure its radio versus no radio rather than Radio 2 versus Radio 4/Kiss Fm. :lol:


It works the other way round for me - I like the chortle of the hens to sooth my sensibility.

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I'd always known that playing music / the radio is meant to be good for the chooks - I havent ever left a radio playing when we've gone out, but they do get their fair share of the cricket when Paul is in the garden :D

I'd like to get one of those wind up radios to stick in the run for the girls - I am sure they would appreciate Steve Wright (but not Chris Evans :evil: )

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