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Help with eBay product please (quick!)

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Just spotted this on ebay

eBay auction


And was wondering if anyone else has come across these or knows where I could get one - I will bid at the last minute but would be interested to know how much they are normally. Have done a google search and couldn't find anything - so next stop - Omlet fourm......


PS - if the bidding gets out of hand - I'll know who to blame :wink:

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Hi Jackie,

I have seen these for sale on my holidays, but never over here.

Not sure how effective it would be for me - the lightbulb isn't directly over the head of the bed :roll:

We have a big fan sat on the balnket box further away from the bed,which works really well.


A pal of mine bought a FANTASTIC handheld fan which attatches to a water bottle & sprays you at the same time :lol:

Something like this....


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Hi Sarah,


That looks rather enticing too! Our light bulb is right over our heads, so from that point of view it would be good - but I'm not sure it would have the puff to blow the air over us a few feet below.... :?


Might get a water one though - they look great :D

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I use big desk fans. We have gradually bought them over the years and now all 5 bedrooms have one. They go up into the loft in winter and down again in summer. In one of the rooms it is mounted on the wall.


I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom, but it isn't as cooling as the desk fan I have blowing on me all night! The ceiling fan keeps the air circulating though and we use it for most of the year.

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