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Broody Hen Solution - Chicks

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Having decided against a broody coop for our broody girls because of lack of room, we have rather perversely decided to go for the much more room-intensive solution of hatching some chicks. Kitty and Penny have become inseperable broodies, so we're going to buy them some hatching eggs when I get back from holiday in a week. Important questions:

1.What kind of chickens? Duncan is mad keen on hatching some pekins (although we probably won't keep the chickens when they grow up)

2.What kind of broody house? We could just get a little ark thing for around £50 and make it secure for them, and I don't really want to spend more than around £100. Or we could buy another eglu. But does this work for chicks? and would I fit it into my garden....

3.How many eggs will I fit under a pekin and a silkie?

4.Where do I get chick crumbs and do I need anything else for the newborns?

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