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Guest Tom F

Chicken Freak Hahahaha

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I'm so jealous :wink: . I want an orange eglu, but bought my green one just a little while before they launched the new updated model :roll:

I keep trying to persuade hubby to consider the orange bunnylu, but strangely he won't consider it. Bunny has a perfectly good hutch- and we can only clutter our garden up so much with Eglu's & runs. I'll have to dream :) . Do post some pictures if you can, I'd love to see the Eglu & it's residents :):)

How are the bantams in it ? And what are their names? And how long have you had them? I would go on but this is beginning to sound like an interrogation- we'll leave that to Lesley to direct you to the questionnaire :):)

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Well I have 2 dutch bantam hens called Patsy and selma(The Simpsons)! Dutch Cockrel called Eger and 1 light sussexcalled betty she is the youngest very sweet!

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