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Chooks have stopped laying - advice needed please

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Our chooks, a Pepperpot and a Gingernut, have been prolific layers for over a year but about a week ago the Pepperpot stopped laying and now the Gingernut has come out in sympathy.


Their general health seems as good as ever - they don't appear broody, don't have lice, aren't losing feathers, have nice red combs and are as inquisitive as ever.


Their diet has not been changed - they eat layers pellets in the morning and treats such as grapes, greens or sweetcorn.


I was putting it down to the extremely hot weather. Has anyone else had the same problem at THIS TIME OF YEAR? I know they slow down in the winter, although Mabel and LaVern pretty much kept going throughout the winter.


Any advice would be appreciated. HELP!!!!! Not only are we worried about the welfare of our chooks but Sarah has to suffer the ignominy of buying eggs for our breakfast!





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We have had no eggs for 4 days now :shock:


Couldn't bring myself to purcase any at ASDA this afternoon though now that we are spoiled.


The weather here is pretty pants at the moment so I don't think it is that and besides when it was REALLY hot Vera laid 10 eggs in as many days.


Oh well let's see what tomorrow brings.

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Well it has been a week now and no eggs :shock:


It is good to know we are not on our own though. At first I thought we had been overdoing the treats a bit but now I am slightly more philosophical and think it may just be that they are working out their cycles as they are still only young.


It looks like you got your girls around the same time as us so maybe we will also have eggs again soon :D


Even bought :oops: some eggs from M & S on the way home from work today as we have now run out and thought that hopefully the "law of Sod" would apply and they would have laid while I was out but no such luck.


Oh well there is always tomorrow and as my Son said "It doesn't matter if they lay eggs Mum 'cos they are so much fun to have around anyway - the eggs are just a bonus!"

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Like I said, we've had them for a year and they've been prolific layers. They're healthy by all accounts but have now been "off-lay" for about 10 days. Any advice from any chook keepers who have had their chickens for a year or so and will have experienced this rest period after a sustained period of several months of laying?


Many thanks,



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...we might be a bit stumped, Tim. But, although you said they aren't losing feathers, I did think of moulting first. Even if there aren't feathers scattered around, they may be losing some discreetly, so it's worth having another look, down the chest & under, or even just the neck barer than usual. Have either of them had a moult since you had them?

If they freerange, I'd definitely suspect a garden nest.

Whatever the cause, maybe a little poultry tonic would be a good idea. Have they been wormed at all?

Funny they've both stopped, any other clues? Not had a bad shock? :?

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a couple of my girls have stoped laying! but their feathers are looking rarther tatty as if it is the under feathers showing? about 3/4 weeks ago they were treated with lice lotion not that there was any sign of them other then a cople of them plucking and no sign of their fethers that have been plucked?????

Only one of them is broody again (yes it the one called Broody!!) we will soon get her out of that!


Also we have had a couple of funny eggs one of which was half the size of a small egg and the other was just a little bit bigger then a 5p coin?????? it was grose inside too!


any ideas?




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Thanks Sheila, I guess it may be that they're about to moult as they're 18 months old and have neither moulted nor (until now) stopped laying. They're on the poultry spice as a tonic. They've not been wormed - any idea how I'd know if they had worms?...

Aha, then I would think that it is most likely that they are moulting, Tim. So, the spice you are giving is good, and they should just have a little break from laying. Any signs of straggly, lost or new feathers at all?

There is a bit about worms in a sticky (chicken clinic?) I believe. Opinion is divided as to whether they should just be treated when suspected, or preventatively dosed. I do the latter, about 3 times a year. Because mine freerange (do yours?) they are quite likely to pick up something sometime.

What to use is also discussed, and I also read up on the practical poultry site, as there are several options.

A chicken may have worms even if they cannot be seen in the poo. They would eat normally, or even more, yet perhaps be thin. Any parasite can also cause pale combs, drop in eggs, and lethargy.

However, in your case Tim, I would def. suspect moulting, perhaps for you too, Emma? But do keep an eye out for any other signs. Best wishes,

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