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prospective eglu owner (for ducks!)

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hello all!

i have many questions!


i would love an eglu (pink, of course) for my ducklings but how do i order one online:

do i buy the chicken version and take out the roosting bars?


also, would they be able to eat the chicken feed that comes with it when they grow bigger?


any help would be gratefully received!



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As far as I was aware, there isn't a 'proper' Ducklu - it is the chicken Eglu but without the roosting bars. We had the Eglu as it comes and then just removed the roosting bars and added a thick layer of straw.


It must be straw and not hay.


Ducks will eat the same food as chickens. Layers Mash or Pellets if you have any laying ducks or Growers Mash or Pellets if you have ducks which you are raising for meat.


Here's our blue Eglu and a White Campbell duck....


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I think 'apparent' lack of mess is the point :lol: - they do make more mess and more smell than chickens - especially in a small space. Ours are in quite a large run area now.


If using just the Eglu run - even with the extension - it needed moving around, and the grass hosing down, quite frequently.

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thankyou for your help lesley, will order my eglu online right now, am v. excited.

we are going to build an area where the eglu can be placed on woodchippings so we can replace them frequently instead of moving it around the lawn (we dont have much lawn), do you put keep yours on grass all the time?

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Brilliant....ducks are our next ambition, and I've been wondering if there were a specific ducklu or not.....now I know!! We already have a little pond waiting to be put in the garden....but it's at the rear end of a lot of other projects, so it will probably be the spring before we get a couple of ducks. I love the Indian Runners, but my husband has spotted a very dark green sort of duck..almost black....and I've got to go find out what it was now. All I can remember is that it was a bantam breed....time to hit the library.



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