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Jam tips,please

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I have never made jam before,but after being presented with 1kg of Blackberries at the weekend,I have given Nigellas Blackberry jam a go.


So,I have a couple of questions.

Firstly,it looks runny,but I think setting point was reached.

Will it thicken as it cools?


Next,does it need to be kept in the fridge?


Lastly,are those round waxy discs really needed - what do they do?



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Hi Sarah!


I have just moved to the 'country' and down the lane, I found blackberries (3+ kilos), damsons, rosehips and hazelnuts.


I decided to make bramble jelly, so i boiled the fruit (apples and blackberries) and then strained the juice thru muslin, added a pound of sugar to every pint of liquid. it bubbled away for 40 mins plus, then put a bit of a cold saucer and a skin formed. Straight into warm jars, (still runny at this point) and put the lid on. I didnt bother with wax discs but have bought some since. My other half said if it didnt set we could use it as bramble coulis (cheeky s*d)!!!!!!!



Needless to say it set perfectly and a bonne maman jar has only lasted 3 days!!!!!!


I think if you put the liquid in warm jar and screw the lid on tight, it doesn't need the discs.

Have just ordered more jars from Lakeland.com to fill for stocking pressies.


So far have made elderberry jelly, apple, blackberry and cinnamon(!) jam and damson jam!!! Really enjoyed doing it


Christian x x (sorry to waffle on, just really pleased with myself)!!!! :D

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Hi Christian,


Its looking a lot more like jam this morning,so I reckon whatever I did do,I did it right :lol:


Sounds like you have been on a real jam making mission 8)


We have enough blackberries left over to make a wonderful looking blackberry traybake from this months Good Housekeeping - thats todays task :P

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