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Oh the guilt!

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Last night I got home from work and let the girls out of the eglu for an hour, as usual. I went to the fridge to find the half corn-on-the-cob for a treat, but couldn't - "oh, well" I thought, and cut the other one in half and gave them that instead. It only ocurred to me once they'd devoured it, that my OH had obviously given them the half I couldn't find that morning, before he left for work :shock: the chooks have totally overdosed on sweetcorn and now have seriously runny poo!!


So I vowed that today they would have no treats - just pellets. I went out to the eglu and opened the door, and the poor chooks stuck their head out and clucked wildly - it was raining! They ran to the door in the hopes that I would let them out to shelter under bushes and look for snails and worms, but I couldn't because I had to go to work, so back in the eglu they went! They clucked and clucked for treats, but I was strong!


So this morning I left two miserable, eglu-bound chickens, with the runs and no treats! :shock: I feel like such a bad chicken-mama!


(I'm going to get some clear PVC to make a run-cover - my local hardware store sells it for £2.75 per metre 8) )

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I dashed to the hardware store in my lunch break - the world and its mother has been out buying clear pvc apparently, because I got the last 2 metres! Got home and let the girls out for 20 minutes before I had to leave for work again.


I use grapes to get the girls back into the run, but Molly is a real gannet - she literally downs the grapes whole, just so she can eat them all before Millie gets one! I'm concerned that a) she'll choke! and b) poor Millie - who pecks her food before she eats it, like a good girl :lol: - never gets any.


Any suggestions? :?

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