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Who fits in an Eglu?????

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Evening Chicken People!!!

We are very new to this whole chicken game!!


I need to know if Buff Orpingtons will fit in my Eglu. I had my heart set on 2 of them but then read that they were too large for the Eglu. The Eglu is due for to arrive on Tuesday and I need to go on a Chicken hunt ASAP!


Help! If Orpingtons won't fit then which brred is similar but smaller????



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I had a Speckledy (medium-sized chicken) and two miniature Wyandottes in my MkII at one point, and there was plenty of room. Wyandottes are biggish for bantams, but a lot smaller than the Omlet breeds. I think you could easily fit 4 bantams/miniatures into an eglu and run, especially if you were able to let them out into the garden regularly or have space for a run extension.

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I would love Orpingtons too when I have more money and space.


There are people on the forum who have kept one or maybe even 2 buff orpingtons in an eglu. You could try searching the forum.

I emailed Barbara at omlet about it, she said....

The run might be a bit restricting for large breeds like Orpingtons to

spend long periods in but if they were allowed to free range for most of

the day, they should be fine. If they spent a week or so in the run

while you were on holiday, they would probably be OK but if you were

able to add some run extension panels, I'm sure they'd be even happier.


There is of course a bantam version of the Orpington which is smaller.

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I'm sure you'd be able to fit a full sized Wyandotte in an eglu. As I think they're a medium weight breed.

Wyandotte are also a heavy breed, but again there is a bantam form. There are some really beautiful colours. They're also on my wish list. :D


I have bookmarked this website as it has pictures of the large and bantam forms of both breeds in different colours http://www.dtbcentre.co.uk/index.htm

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Thanks for the advice everyone. Shame I didn't log on earlier and read the info about the Orpingtons. Still friends of ours breed them so we have been to visit today and they are beautiful.


On a more positive note we have been and reserved our girls. We went to the Domestic Fowl Trust in Honeybourne (near Evesham, Worcestershire) we chose 2 bantams. A Black Wyandotte and a Poland. Apart from the smaller eggs and the rather large price tag everyone is now excited. :lol:

So this time next week we will be all Chooked up! Wish us luck..... :pray:

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