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To chop or not to chop

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Can someone please advise me on whether, when giving kitchen s"Ooops, word censored!"s i.e. fruit, veg etc, they chop it up into little pieces first or just give it to them in bigger pieces.


I have been using my processor to chop the things up quite small,as I worry they are going to choke.


What do other people do?

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we dont seem to have many left over kitchen s"Ooops, word censored!"s - but having said that we go out an buy fruit and veg especially :roll:

with things like lettuce / cabbage - we either shred up or hang up whole in the run.

With other veggies / fruit we tend to chop up fairly small (say the size of a couple of bits of corn) - that means there is more to spread around (important when you have 10 hungry chooks!)

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Thank god you mean food and not chickens, I was worried when I read the title :oops::lol:

I sometimes chop up a little by hand because it is easier for them to peck up, but LJ's chicken ate a whole frog, and they just tend to peck little bits out of bigger things.


I left an apple on the garden bench yesterday while I popped inside for a glass of water, thinking "it's way too big and hard for them, and well out of their reach". Well, I went inside just for a minute, and came back to find only half of an apple, with little beak-shaped chunks missing! :roll:


So no, I dont bother chopping things up, they manage just fine! :lol:

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Mine love apples. We have an old fashioned Russett tree which at present is dropping its fruit into the hens run. They go mad for them and tackle them whole, skins on and all.


Mmm mine must be a bit more disconcerting our trees are dropping fruit at the mo - they ignore them until either I pick one and start eating one or the birds land and feed at which point they go on the attack and all indignant

I tend to chop grapes as my lot get so frantic they would swallow them whole !!! :lol:



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