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Who here has the omlet winter shelter?


I'm thinking of investing in one because it occurs to me the PVC sheet I have been using isn't breathable, and keeps the damp in, whereas the omlet shelter is made of breathable tent-like material.


Is it big enough? It only covers "the top and one side" - is this enough to keep the chooks dry in the wet winter months?

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The winter shade is plenty big enough if you have the run near a fence to offer protection from the wind and rain on one side.


If the run is in an exposed windswept area, then it could be a bit draughty and damp in the run: but I don't think it would be hygienic to enclose the whole run, as it would get very musty and smelly.


I have a winter shade over the original run, a summer shade over the converter, and an extension shade over the extension, and it works quite well. I had plastic last year, but I didn't like it at all.

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I got the winter shade when I got my Eglu in June (just being prepared) However during the really hot sunny weather in July it gave my chooks plenty of shade from the sun, which the small shade would not have done. A useful investment for winter and summer in my opinion.


going to order another one for my other Eglu as i got that one second hand and it only had the small shelter with it.

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