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The girls are here!!

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I finally got to pick my girls up on Sunday, I'm not sure hubby was too impressed with the 230mile round trip! Still we got there in the end and by the time we got home they only had about an hour before bed time. I took the dog out for a walk fully expecting to have to show my new chooks where bed was when i got back, but no they were all tucked up and sleeping soundly bless them.

I've got three adorable hybreds a bluebelle called Jilly, a speckled star called Fred and a white star called Flo. I'll put some photo's in the gallery as soon as i can.


Now the questions begin!!


Fred is really skinny, the lady i got them from picked up on this and said she just needed fattening up, any ideas how long this will take? she's eating quite well as far as i can see and appears to be top hen at the mo.


How long should it take them to eat a grub full of pellets? I've had a good look through the forum and can't see anything. I put a full grub in there on sunday evening and it's now about half full. Should i put fresh in there now or leave whats there?


And lastly for now... How long did you keep them in before you let them out to roam? I've heard conflicting ideas from 2 too 10 days. I let my girls out yesterday then panicked and chased them back in again. I live in the middle of a forrest and I'm worried they'll stray. My garden is fenced ish and it's surrounded by tightly packed shrubs, bushes and trees. I was going to fill the gaps with chicken wire. Do they tend to be escape artists?


Sorry for all the waffle, hope it's not to much :oops:

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Congratulations on your new chook family!!!

You'll find some really helpful people here and most of us have had all the same questions as you have so dont worry!


Give Fred some time - with lots of lovely pellets and some treats (corn / veggies / fruit) she'll soon put on weight - dont forget that she will be a laying bird so nowhere near as the fat "table" birds that we are used to seeing in the shops.


A fully grown chook will eat around 130g of food a day - if the pellets are under cover and not going to get damp then you can leave them until they have finished them


Most people keep their chooks in the runs for about 5 days before letting them out - so they know where to go back to at bed time!


How COOL living in a forest! There should be no problem with them straying too far - I have a friend whose chooks often go awandering around the local countryside - my only concern would be predators. The chooks can be escape artists but not always - most are content to stay where they know their comfy coop and all the food and treats are


I hope this helps :D

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