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change in character

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hello, I have a query :) our 6 month old bunny has been getting a bit agressive over the last few months, he would only let me pick him up and i could only do this if he was in a good mood. however, about a week ago his hutch was accidently left open, :oops: and he spent all night outside, well luckily the shed was open so he slept in there. Anyway he was unharmed, luckily mr fox hadn't been round that night, but he has become very docile since his night of freedom. He doesn't appear to be ill, he looks fine and is eating and drinking. Any suggestions as to why, should I be worried? :? I did think maybe he is a she and she got a bit of attention from a rampant wild bunny and is now expecting, maybe a daft idea, according to my children that couldn't happen :oops:


Anyway any suggestions as to this change of character.





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It is possible he could be a she! Time will tell, look out for signs of nest building.As rabbits reach adult hood they can change, that is why they strongly advise on spaying.I've got a fantastic book from the RSPCA and they sugest this. If you get him/she spayed you could then consider getting him/she a friend. :) Hope this is of some help.

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