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Fox had our chickens!

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Wondering if anyone could help me?


Unfortunatly our three featherd friends were taken by the cunning fox recently and i had only had them for just over 5 months.


We are wanting to get three more chickens but arn't too sure when the best time to get them would be. With winter coming up we thought it was best to get them in spring so they could settle down in nice or sort of nice weather and prepare themselves for the next winter.


If we got them in winter would they be allright and survive the cold?

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I got my two yesterday - although that was because I lost one to a fox and poor Jenny couldn't be left on her own. I see no problem though :D The Black Rock we got is only tiny. But Jenny has taken her under her wing as a pose to how she fights with the White Star we also got :? Good luck :!:

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So sorry to hear about your chooks. We lost Penny to a fox after just three months so we know how heart-breaking it is.

Our girls are now surrounded by an electrified fence so hopefully they will now be safe.

As to timings, I guess that Omlet wouldn't supply chickens if it was a really bad time - chooks are pretty hardy creatures so I wouldn't worry if you really want them now. Ours stand out in the rain despite having lots of cover. As for the cold, it's their first winter but other posts seem to suggest that they cope just fine with that too.

Good Luck.

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