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Friday the 13th

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:shock::( Iv'e had a really rubbish day today :(


Firstly overslept so my routine before work was all in a mess. Kept dropping things at work and finally totally out of charcater I completely lost my rag with a couple of people :(


I feel very bad now and actually came home and had a little cry :( . Don't know if I want to go back next week. I'm not due in till Thursday and I really want to say sorry to the two people now. What a stupid person I am, this will be on my mind for the next 6 days :(

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Oh, Ali, so sorry that you had a rotten day. Quite probably you feel 10 times worse about losing your rag than the people you think that you upset do. And, I bet that they deserved it, to some extent or other. Don't worry about it, no doubt they've forgotten it already. So, it's Friday night, the weekends here, a great excuse to crack open a bottle of whatever takes your fancy, and put your feet up :D

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Thank you for the nice replies :D


I'm feeling a whole lot better now. Managed to track both people down and phoned them. Said I was sorry for being horrible. They were both really nice about the situation. I will see them on Thursday and hopefully everything will be OK.


Chocolate seems a good idea as a peace offering :D

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